RZD Logistics intermodal train.

RUSSIA: RZD Logistics has organised the accelerated delivery of personal protective equipment and medical supplies from China to various Russian cities. The first container train departed from Shanghai on April 19, taking the northern transit route through Zabaikalsk to the Vorsino and then Yekaterinburg where customs-clearance was undertaken.

‘This is the first stage of a large-scale project that RZD Logistics is implementing by agreement with the Russian Ministry of Industry & Trade’, explained General Director Dmitry Murev on April 21.

‘We are working on the delivery of not only masks but also protective suits for doctors, as well as special fabrics for sewing masks and suits. Shipments will be organised from various cities of China, where the factories are located, to the cities of Russia in need of these goods. Today it is Moscow, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk.

‘We are in direct daily contact with all manufacturing companies and, realising the importance of these products during the pandemic, we sent our best specialists to solve the problems.’