Rail haulage of Viterra grain traffic on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula finished at the end of May

Photo: John Kirk

AUSTRALIA: The Australasian Railway Association has released a report which states how government and industry can support greater use of rail freight.

The report authored by GHD Advisory lists a range of issues that have to date impeded a shift to rail freight in Australia.

It highlights four areas that are key to promoting rail freight:

  • amending policies on metropolitan networks shared by freight and passenger services;
  • improving land use zoning rules to foster the development of rail hubs;
  • promoting the development of new rail terminals to achieve higher volumes;
  • lowering handling costs at ports and rail terminals.

‘The report confirms the need for new approaches to help maximise the use of rail to support an efficient and reliable national supply chain that meets current and future needs.’ said Caroline Wilkie, ARA’s Chief Executive Officer.

The report complements ARA’s Rail Freight Action Plan, issued last September, which outlined programme of work to improve the regulatory environment, promote investment in rail and increase rail freight’s modal share.