GERMANY: Deutsche Bahn is to concentrate the management of its freight and logistics division DB Schenker at a new site near Frankfurt Airport over the next one to two years, it announced on July 14.

Teams currently based in Berlin, Mainz and Essen will move to the Frankfurt site, which will have around 330 staff. Mainz and Essen will remain as the respective headquarters of DB Schenker Rail Deutschland and Schenker AG, and DB Chairman Dr Rüdiger Grube stressed that DB's corporate headquarters will remain in Berlin.

'As a key international business capital, Frankfurt is an attractive logistics centre,' said DB Mobility Logistics board member Dr Karl-Friedrich Rausch. 'Our intention is to expand our international business operations from Frankfurt. The future of logistics is in cost-effective carriers providing cross-sector services for our customers. With management concentrated at one location, we have the optimum conditions to expand.'