Hunter Global Tracking's Bulldog cargo tracker unit.

FREIGHT: Now available from Hunter Global Tracking is the Bulldog cargo tracker unit. This cable-free device is distinguished by a battery life of up to 15 years, allowing the user to ‘fit and forget’. The long life is achieved by the battery working in ‘deep coma’ mode, only ‘waking up’ to transmit a ping at pre-set intervals.

The Bulldog can be attached to the inside or outside of a container or wagon using magnets or other fittings. A special brace is available so that the device can be used to monitor door openings or intrusions.

Multiple sensor capacities, including a RFID reader, are provided, allowing the Bulldog to interface with reefers or other equipment.

Hunter Global Tracking offers a range of trackers that includes the solar-powered Ridgeback; this features an auxiliary back-up battery with a six-month life which is used if the device is stored in the dark, for example inside a stack of containers.

The devices can be customised to suit different requirements and programmed with various sensitivity levels. Some of the trackers such as the Griffon and the Teckel are small enough to be secured in hidden locations such as the corrugations of container walls.