FRANCE: Fret SNCF has signed a partnership with Orano Nuclear Packages & Services and Société de Transports Spéciaux Industriels aimed at decarbonising the transport of nuclear material in Europe.

According to Orano NPS, the transport of nuclear material by rail requires one-sixth of the energy for a comparable road movement, generates one-eighth of the particulates and one 14th of the CO2 emissions.

Formerly a Geodis subsidiary, STSI was acquired by Orano NPS on October 29. With around 60 employees, the company specialises in the transport of ‘sensitive materials’ by rail and road, mainly nuclear materials in France and Belgium. Orano NPS President Frédéric de Agostini explained that the acquisition would enable the group to offer its customers ‘a strengthened commercial offering in our transport services business, with more integrated teams and operational activities’.

Announcing the Fret SNCF partnership at the World Nuclear Exhibition on December 5, Orano Group, CEO Philippe Knoche said the accord was ‘part of our strategy to diversify the modes of transport used by the group, in line with our ambition to reduce the carbon footprint of our industrial and logistics activities.