NETHERLANDS: Port of Rotterdam Authority has launched the OnTrack application, which provides real-time insight into rail flows within the port and its terminals. The aim is to inform operators’ planning processes and help shippers anticipate any deviations from the schedules.

At present, most terminals use their own planning system and standards, with information exchanged by telephone or e-mail. OnTrack combines data from the various parties, and uses ‘smart business algorithms’ to provide insights.

Information collected by the system includes the number of containers or wagons that have been loaded or unloaded, and when the operations are finished. Any variation from the scheduled timeslot is immediately apparent, with real-time notifications so that carriers no longer need to rely on websites or telephone calls.

OnTrack is to be made available to rail operators and inland terminals to strengthen Rotterdam’s competitive position. It could also be offered at other ports in the Netherlands and abroad if they are interested.