Cowra station (Photo: Bidgee/ Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA-3.0-au).

AUSTRALIA: Transport for New South Wales has received submissions from Australian Rail Partners and Cowra Rail Co in response to its call for private sector proposals to reopen the 200 km Cowra Lines on a commercially-sustainable basis under a fixed-term licence.

Operations between Blayney and Demondrille and Koorawatha and Greenethorpe were suspended in 2007-09 owing to safety concerns and low freight volumes. TfNSW says reopening could provide additional capacity for the Central West region and provide a boost to local industries.

‘This response is an indication there are private sector organisations which see sustainable demand for freight on these lines and could be willing to invest in having them reopened’, said Rachel Johnson, Deputy Director General of TfNSW Freight & Regional Development.

The NSW government will now review the responses to determine if they have addressed its tender requirements.