ARGENTINA: On May 24 Transport Minister Guillermo Dietrich joined Ezequiel Lemos, President of state-owned freight operator Trenes Argentinos Cargas, to welcome the latest shipment of 156 wagons to arrive in the Port of Buenos Aires from China.

Comprising 122 vehicles for the 1 000 mm gauge Belgrano network and 34 for the 1 676 mm gauge San Martín route, this latest batch brings total deliveries to 2 963 out of the 3 500 wagons being financed by China Machinery Engineering Corp. A total of 107 diesel freight locomotives are also being supplied from China: 67 for the San Martín and 40 for the Belgrano.

‘The arrival of these wagons for the Belgrano and San Martín routes is fundamental to the revival of the rail freight network’, said Lemos. ‘We want rail to be the choice of shippers and we are undertaking the investment to guarantee a reliable service.’