Coop Railcare Euro9000 (Photo ELP)

Leasing company European Loc Pool has handed over the first of three Stadler Euro9000 electro-diesel locomotives being to supplied to COOP Group company RailCare under a 12-year full-service leasing contract. ‘This locomotive enables us to significantly increase our transport volumes on the north-south corridors of the Lötschberg and Gotthard routes’, said RailCare CEO Philipp Wegmüller.


Siemens has awarded Westermo Eltec a €1·9m contract to supply 1 200 CyBox LTE 2-W routers for an Indian Railways freight connectivity project.

Regional Rail is to use TLD Ramp’s mobile transloading platforms at 14 of its locations. The US short line operator said this reduces infrastructure requirements and enables the loading and unloading of covered vans in one-third of the time of traditional methods.

RCG and Transfera Lokomotive (Photo RCG)

Following a successful pilot programme combining rail and with first and last mile road haulage, Transporeon and ÖBB Rail Cargo Group have increased the number of routes available from three to eight, with services from Turkey to Hungary, Germany and Belgium, Italy to Germany, Austria and Hungary, Serbia to Germany, and Romania to Belgium. Transporeon’s management platform provides tracking data and emissions calculations.

Aktau (Photo KTZ)

The Kazkah port of Aktau handled a5 100 TEU in May, and is installing new equipment to handle further growth. ‘There is a high growth in container traffic, including a two-fold increase along the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route from China to European countries’, said Chief Dispatcher Vadim Novikov. ‘Today this route has high potential. The main advantages are the time of delivery of goods and its safety in transit than through the Suez Canal.’

Lineas is using its Linkeroever-Rechteroever (Left Bank-Right Bank) rail service at the port of Antwerpen to help shippers avoid congestion during ongoing roadworks; the Beveren road tunnel is to be closed for renovation for a year from July.