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News about Switzerland-based rolling stock and signalling supplier Stadler Rail. 

  • California Stadler Flirt H2 hydrogen fuel cell train impression (Image Caltrans)

    California orders more hydrogen trainsets


    USA: California’s Department of Transportation has ordered six more Stadler Flirt H2 hydrogen fuel cell multiple-units. The $127m order announced on February 15 has been placed using an October 2023 framework contract which included an $80m firm order for four trains with options for up to ...

  • ch-SBB Giruno-Bellinzona_01

    SBB orders more Giruno trains to boost Italian services


    SWITZERLAND: Swiss Federal Railways has ordered five more Stadler Giruno 250 km/h inter-city trainsets to support a planned expansion of cross-border services to Italy. The SFr170m firm order announced on February 14 has been placed as an option on a SFr970m order for an initial 29 ...

  • Impression of Stadler inter-city train for Saudi Arabia Railways (Image Stadler)

    Saudi Arabia Railways orders its next generation of inter-city trains


    SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Arabia Railways has signed contracts for Stadler to supply its next generation of passenger trains. The Swiss manufacturer said these would ‘elevate train travel in the kingdom to the next level in terms of passenger comfort, travel experience and reliability’. The contracts signed ...

  • Berlin U-Bahn Stadler Type JK trainset
    Metro Report International

    ‘A good day for Berlin’ as first Type JK metro train handed over


    GERMANY: The first of the Type JK trainsets for the Berlin U-Bahn’s small-profile lines was ceremonially handed over to operator BVG by Stadler on January 11.

  • FdC Stadler hydrogen train impression (1)

    Narrow gauge hydrogen trains ordered as operator aims to be ‘modern and sustainable‘


    ITALY: Reginal operator Ferrovie della Calabria has awarded Stadler a firm order to supply and maintain a further three 950 mm gauge hydrogen multiple-units. The order announced on January 18 has been placed under a June 2023 framework agreement awarded jointly by FdC and Sardinian transport ...

  • ADY Stadler Flirt DMU (Photo ADY) (1)

    Stadler DMUs delivered to Azerbaijan


    AZERBAIJAN: National railway ADY took delivery of four Stadler Flirt diesel multiple-units during December. They were ordered in November 2019 in a €115m deal that also includes six EMUs which are scheduled for handover in 2024. Stadler transferred production from Belarus to ...

  • Class 755
    Rail Business UK

    Electro-diesels switch modes on the move


    UK: Greater Anglia’s 38 Stadler Class 755 regional electro-diesel multiple-units can now switch traction modes on the move, a design feature which they have not been able to exploit since their entry to traffic in mid-2019. The operator worked closely with Network Rail and industry partners ...

  • Gera Stadler TINA tram impression
    Metro Report International

    Gera orders TINA trams


    GERMANY: Gera transport operator GVB has awarded Stadler a contract to supply six TINA trams in 2026, with options for a further three. The contract signed on December 11 is worth €38m, with the city of Gera providing €7·2m, the Land of Thüringen €17·1m and co-financing ...

  • Glasgow Subway Stadler train (Photo SPT) (3)
    Metro Report International

    Glasgow Subway’s Stadler trains enter passenger service


    UK: The first two of 17 trainsets that Stadler is supplying to replace the Glasgow Subway fleet entered passenger service with a soft launch on the afternoon on December 11. The trains have been custom-made to the unique specifications of the 10·5 km circular underground line, ...

  • Liverpool City Region Mayor Steve Rotheram is seeking compensation from train manufacturer Stadler following continued poor performance of Merseyrail’s new fleet of Class 777 electric multiple-units.
    Rail Business UK

    Liverpool Mayor seeks compensation for poor Class 777 performance


    UK: Liverpool City Region Mayor Steve Rotheram is seeking compensation from train manufacturer Stadler following poor performance of Merseyrail’s fleet of Class 777 electric multiple-units.

  • stadler is preparing locomotives for etcs

    Tackling an ETCS retrofitting bottleneck


    GERMANY: Stadler says it is now set up to help accelerate the roll-out of ETCS, after its AngelStar joint venture with MerMec completed the first retrofit of its Guardia equipment to another manufacturer’s locomotive without the involvement of the original supplier. Two of DB Cargo’s Bombardier ...

  • MGBahn Orion order (Photo MGBahn)

    Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn orders more Orion EMUs


    SWITZERLAND: Metre-gauge operator Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn has awarded Stadler a firm contract to supply a further 25 ABeh 8/12 Orion rack electric multiple-units. ‘This order represents a milestone in Stadler’s history and is the largest single order for rack trains that we have ever received’, said ...

  • Roslagsbanan Stadler X15p EMU (Photo Region Stockholm)

    Narrow gauge commuter trains enter service in Stockholm


    SWEDEN: Custom-designed Stadler X15p electric multiple-units have begun entering passenger service on Stockholm’s Roslagsbanan, the first new trains on the 891 mm gauge suburban line for around 30 years.

  • Schleswig-Holstein photos Stadler (2)

    Flirt Akku battery-electric multiple-units enter service


    GERMANY: The first of the Stadler Flirt Akku battery-electric multiple-units ordered by Schleswig-Holstein transport authority NAH.SH have entered revenue service with operator Erixx Holstein. ‘We are taking a huge step towards zero-emission local transport with the 55 battery trains that will run on 11 lines in ...

  • Alpha Trains Stadler EURO9000 contract signing (Photo Alpha Trains)

    German federal funding for electro-diesel locomotive order


    GERMANY: Leasing company Alpha Trains has placed its first order for Stadler Euro9000 six-axle multi-system electro-diesel locomotives, supported by €15m of funding from the Federal Ministry for Digital & Transport. The 12 locos will be built at Stadler’s Valencia factory for delivery in 2025-26. The federal ...

  • Tyne & Wear Metro Stadler train load testing (Photo Nexus)
    Metro Report International

    Sandbags simulate a full load on Tyne & Wear Metro trains


    UK: Testing of Stadler trains for the Tyne & Wear Metro has included loading one with containers containing a total of 39 tonnes of sand to represent the weight of passengers under crush-loading conditions. ‘The test ensures that the train can perform safely and correctly when ...

  • at CAT order photo CAT and Stadler

    Three Kiss EMUs ordered for use on Wien airport express


    CAT order photo CAT and Stadler AUSTRIA: City Airport Train announced on October 13 the order of three Kiss double-deck electric multiple-units from Stadler for use on the CAT service in Wien. The order is an option on ÖBB’s €3bn framework agreement with Stadler for the ...

  • Tramlink unveiled photo Bernmobil  (3)
    Metro Report International

    Bern trams offered to Lviv as Stadler vehicles ready to enter service


    SWITZERLAND: Bern operator Bernmobil has announced that the first of 27 Tramlink trams being supplied by Stadler is expected to enter regular service on November 1, with seven expected to be in use on Route 7 by the end of the year. The first public services ...

  • California Stadler Flirt H2 hydrogen fuel cell train impression (Image Caltrans)

    California orders hydrogen trains


    USA: Stadler has been awarded what it calls a ‘transformative’ contract to supply hydrogen fuel cell multiple-units to California. The contract signed with the California State Transportation Agency and California Department of Transportation on October 12 includes a $80m firm order for four trains, with options ...

  • Sarajevo Stadler Tango NF3 tram at Trako (1)
    Metro Report International

    New-build tram for Sarajevo unveiled


    BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: The first of 15 Tango NF3 trams that Stadler is to supply to Sarajevo was unveiled at the 15th Trako International Railway Fair in the Polish city of Gdańsk on September 20.