SPAIN: The OGI gauge-changing axle for freight wagons, designed to operate on both 1 435 mm and 1 668 mm gauge, has completed Phase 1 of its testing programme, it was announced on November 7. Developed and manufactured by Azvi, Tria and OGI, the axle has now operated for 50 000 km on 1 668 mm gauge, with testing conducted on the Aranjuez — Cuenca and Alcázar de San Juan — La Encina sections of the ADIF network. Traction has been provided by Azvi subsidiary Tracción Rail.

According to Azvi, OGI has also successfully completed over 800 gauge-changing cycles on an installation built by Azvi and Tria within the ADIF tracklaying base at La Gineta.

Phase 2 of the testing programme will see the axle operate for a further 50 000 km on both gauges, of which at least 20% must be 1 435 mm, undertaking a minimum of 50 gauge-changing cycles. Including operation at maximum speed and payload, this phase is expected to be completed in February 2018, says Azvi. Once OGI is approved for operation, a further 150 000 km of test running would be undertaken under the third and final phase of the programme.

ADIF says that two types of axle are being developed, the first compatible with Y21 and Y25 bogies and designed for 920 mm diameter wheels, a maximum load of 22∙5 tonnes and a maximum speed of 120 km/h. The second has been designed for a maximum load of 16 tonnes and the 760 mm diameter wheels fitted to car-carrying wagons.