FRANCE: The municipality of Caen has confirmed its intention to develop a three-line light rail network for opening by the end of 2019.

The majority of the tramway would be converted from the existing TVR guided bus network under plans first announced in December 2011, but a feasibility study has suggested that several sections of new rail infrastructure should also be added to better serve local traffic generating hubs and optimise network operation.

Three routes are envisaged:

  • T1: Hérouville Saint Clair – Ifs Jean Vilar;
  • T2: Campus 2 – Presqu’île;
  • T3: Théâtre – Fleury sur Orne.

The network would total 16·8 km with 37 stops. The two moist significant sections of new infrastructure are a 2·2 km branch from Théâtre to Presqu’île and a 1 km extension beyond the current terminus of the guided bus at Grace de Dieu to Hauts de l’Orne in Fleury.

Services are expected to run at 3 min headways in peak times on the shared section used by all three routes. A fleet of 23 trams is to be acquired. Total project cost is estimated to be €247m, with work being undertaken by the ASyAS consortium of Artélia, Setec, Attica and Signes under a contract awarded in July 2015.