Hedemora TD

Hedemora TD

We offer turbocharger solutions for engines with a power output of 720-4200 kW with our broad program of Hedemora Turbochargers, that we can retrofit to most engines in this span and get higher performance.

Hedemora Diesel is a well-known brand and the engines are used in a wide range of applications and we provide full maintenance, development and spare part services for customers in all parts of the world.

We are the original manufacturer of Hedemora Turbochargers and Hedemora Diesel Engines.

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    The impact of the turbocharger on your engine

    2021-11-22T13:33:00Sponsored by

    Imagine an engine’s breathing system. It recovers exhaust energy from one end of the engine and compresses air at the other, so that the engine can burn fuel and generate power more efficiently. Without optimal turbo performance, the engine would be like an elite athlete with asthma, unable to perform ...