Imagine an engine’s breathing system. It recovers exhaust energy from one end of the engine and compresses air at the other, so that the engine can burn fuel and generate power more efficiently. Without optimal turbo performance, the engine would be like an elite athlete with asthma, unable to perform at the top level. When replacing a turbocharger of old design and modest efficiency with one of higher efficiency, the result can be compared to administering an asthma spray to its breathing system.

The Impact of a more efficient turbocharger on your engine

Hedemora Turbo & Diesel has been in the locomotive engines retrofit business for more than 10 years and understands the importance of a good symbiosis between the engine and the turbocharger. The locomotive fleet all over the world is modernising but there are still a lot of older models in operation. We know how important it is for locomotive owners and operators to have the possibility to extend engine life and reduce fuel consumption and emissions at the same time. More efficient turbochargers increase the intake pressure and decrease the exhaust backpressure. These two parameters are important for overall engine performance.

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Scavenge Gradient Comparison

Both improvements are realised in the following test when the engine is upgraded to the HS5800 turbocharger, resulting in significant improvement in the scavenging gradient across the operating range, as shown in Figure below. This is perhaps the best overall illustration of the beneficial impact that a more efficient turbocharger has on the in-cylinder dynamics of the engine.

SG Comparison


Hedemora Turbo & Diesel engineers adapt turbochargers to suit your needs – from concept through to installation. Our lifetime service support guarantees that our customers get the best product for their applications.

Refurbishment with Hedemora Turbochargers is a great opportunity to increase the efficiency, improve overall working parameters and extend life of existing engines.

Hedemora Turbochargers are designed for a variety of applications: Rail, Maritime, Power & Energy

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