California high speed rail project train impression

USA: The US High Speed Rail Association has published a ‘first-of-its-kind action plan’ designed to equip advocates with practical tips, realistic expectations and strategic support as they work to launch new projects for 300+ km/h railways.

High-Speed Rail Project Initiation: A Roadmap for Advocates focuses on five key building blocks: organisation, technical planning, strategic engagement, project funding, and compelling communications.

The document launched on June 13 says ‘projects are complex, multi-year undertakings, more zigzag than straight line’, and long-term, strategic advocacy campaigns are required. ‘Civic-minded advocates, likely outside of government’ must be aware of potential pitfalls as well as likely sources of support and opposition.

The roadmap was designed by the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers.

‘High speed rail lines are complex megaprojects with unique challenges’, said principal author Bernard Cohen, who is Senior Advisor for Planning & Operations at Alternate Concepts Inc and a former Massachusetts Department of Transportation Secretary. ’We’ve created a practical guide that demystifies what’s involved.’

UHSR Political Director Ezra Silk said ’millions of Americans want high-speed rail, and this report will help give them the tools they need to turn their bullet train dreams into reality’.

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