Photos: Kazumiki Miura

A Series N700S Kamome trainset made an inaugural run to Nagasaki on May 10.

JAPAN: Test running has started on the isolated Nishi-Kyushu Shinkansen between Nagasaki and Takeo Onsen, which is scheduled to open for revenue service on September 23.

jp-nishi-test-2_Ceremony Nagasaki-KMiura

JR Kyushu arranged a welcoming ceremony at Nagasaki for the first test train on May 10.

Having been delivered to the line’s Omura depot in January, the first of JR Kyushu’s six-car Series N700S Kamome trainsets made an initial foray westwards to Nagasaki on May 10, at a maximum speed of 45 km/h. The operator hosted a small ‘welcoming ceremony’ at the future terminus, which is nearing completion. The following day saw the train venture eastwards to Takeo Onsen, where a matching event was held.


The first trial run with a Series N700S Kamome arrived at Takeo Onsen on May 11.

According to the Japan Railway Construction, Transport & Technology Agency, which is building the 66 km line, the initial testing programme is expected to continue until June 16. Over that time train speeds will gradually be raised to the maximum design speed of 260 km/h.