Brookfield Rail has taken its track and civil maintenance activities in-house.

AUSTRALIA: Western Australia freight network concessionaire Brookfield Rail brought its track and civil maintenance activities in-house with effect from August 15.

Track maintenance on the 5 500 km network had previously been undertaken by John Holland, and Paul Lowney, Brookfield Rail’s General Manager, Asset Management & Projects, said the companies had worked together to implement the change ‘in a safe and considered’ manner.

Signalling and telecoms maintenance was already managed in-house, and Brookfield Rail said it would continue to use external contractors for major projects and specialised maintenance.

‘The transition provides genuine career and development opportunities for our current and future employees, and will help future-proof Brookfield Rail for long-term growth, expansion and sustained success,’ said Lowney. ‘This move enables Brookfield Rail to be more adaptable and flexible, as well as have greater control and security over our costs, data, knowledge and intellectual property. We firmly believe that insourcing track and civil maintenance will enable Brookfield Rail to focus on improving the way we run our core business’.