NETHERLANDS: Concrete Canvas geosynthetic cementitious composite matting has been installed on sections of track at the Rotterdam World Gateway site to prevent the growth of weeds which could obstruct the optical character recognition systems used to identify containers on passing freight trains

Concrete Canvas comprises a three-dimensional fibre matrix containing a dry concrete mix, with PVC backing on one surface to make it waterproof. Once positioned, the CC is sprayed with water to set it in place. The fibre reinforcement prevents crack propagation and provides a safe plastic failure mode.

ProTanks Trade acted as material provider and contractor for the project. It rejected the use of shotcrete and poured concrete because of the extended time the tracks would be out of use.

Two people were able to install four 7 m sections of Concrete Canvas in one day, with the material delivered to site in batched rolls, laid longitudinally alongside and between the tracks, jointed at the overlaps and secured using adhesive sealant.