CHINA: Construction is scheduled to begin this month on a 168 km line linking Jingzhou in Hubei province with Yueyang in Hunan. The alignment is being designed for 160 km/h running, and construction is expected to take three years at a cost of 11·4bn yuan.

Meanwhile, local approval has been given for an 80 km railway between Tangshan and Caofeidian in Hebei province, a 200 km/h mixed-traffic line with five stations.

The National Development & Reform Commission has approved the feasibility study for a 350 km double-track 200 km/h electrified line from Jiujiang in Jiangxi province to Quzhou in Zhejiang which is expected to take four years to buil

  • The World Bank is providing a US$200m loan towards construction of the 360 km PDL between Jilin, Hunchun and Tumen (RG 4.11 p9).