BOSNIA: The Chief Executive of Željeznice Republike Srpske, Dragan Savanović, has appealed to the international rail industry for help with repairing the ‘enormous damage’ caused by ‘catastrophic and devastating’ flooding which hit the Balkans on May 15.

The floodwaters have swept away track and electrification, damaged maintenance machinery and flooded other facilities including offices.

‘Being a very small railway administration, but very significant to our country’s economy, we are not in a position independently to fully restore the damage incurred’, said Savanović. ‘Therefore, we are hereby asking our colleagues and railway administrations across the world for solidarity and help, so we could re-establish rail transport as soon as possible, which is supporting our employees and their families. We need urgent help in materials, mechanisation and financial assets.’

As well as financial aid, ZRS is seeking wooden and concrete sleepers, UIC 60 and S49 rails, ballast, tools, computer equipment and office furniture. It needs on-track vehicles for catenary maintenance, embankment compaction and transporting staff, as well as road vehicles of 2 tonne capacity.