SWITZERLAND: Trapeze has supplied Rhätische Bahn with a PA-R-I-Ty communication system to provide IP-based voice and data radio links across the metre gauge operator’s network.

RhB’s services are managed from 13 workstations at a control centre in Landquart and three workstations at a remote facility in Klosters. PA-R-I-Ty provides 10 radio channels for communications with trains on the network and 52 radio channels for shunting assistance, and RhB’s VoIP telephone switchboard is also connected.

Voice connections are possible between the phone and radio networks, with calls only put through to the dispatchers responsible. Calls to an unmanned workstation are forwarded automatically. A central phone book is used by the dispatchers, regularly updated through automatic synchronisation with Outlook and Active Directory.

An interface between the railway communications networks enables RhB dispatchers in Landquart to make announcements using Swiss Federal Railways’ public address systems at Chur and Landquart stations.

The central components of PA-R-I-Ty are redundant, so it should remain functional in the event of network disruptions between two locations.