HUNGARY: Infrastructure agency NIF has awarded Siemens a €53m contract to supply ETCS Level 2 equipment for the 65 km route running southwest from Budapest-Kelenföld to Székesfehérvar. Commissioning is scheduled for 2013.

Siemens said on July 26 that its plants in Budapest, Wallisellen and Braunschweig would provide two Simis electronic interlockings, an Iltis control system, a Trainguard 200 radio block centre and equipment for 15 level crossings.

The route forms part of Pan-European Corridor V from Trieste and Koper to Ukraine. Siemens participated in electrification of the Bajánsenye - Boba section which was completed in 2010, and has supplied Simis interlockings for Cegléd, Szajol, Tata and Tiszatenyo/Kétpó.