INNOTRANS: Finnish company PMC Polarteknik will be featuring the gangway fire doors that it has supplied for DB’s ICx trainsets being built by Siemens.

As a specialist in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, PMC Polarteknik has designed and supplied fire barrier gangway door systems for most European high speed and inter-city trains, with a mix of automatic single and double leaf sliding doors, telescopic and curved doors.

Non-insulating fire doors are tested to an integrity of 20 min, and rated EW20 according to EN 13501-2. Insulating fire doors with a 30 min integrity have an EI30 rating. The products are designed to last for 40 years with minimal maintenance.

The latest compact modular design is easy to install and maintain, with microprocessor control of the integrated safety functions. The key drive components are installed on a wall-mounted aluminium profile which can fit into a very small envelope without compromising maintainability.