VOESTALPINE: Track and turnout supplier Voestalpine will be promoting the synergies between its Rail Technology and Turnout Systems businesses at InnoTrans, with a particular focus on digitisation and optimised asset management. The group will be launching an interactive tool to evaluate the life-cycle costs of different rail procurement and maintenance strategies.

The company will be showing its range of heat-treated hyper­eutectoid rails using 400 UHC HSH grade steel, dev­eloped to offer increased resist­ance against wear, corrugation and rolling contact fatigue. It will also be highlighting its Rail Centres which combine high-performance welding plant with specialist logistics support, including just-in-time materials supply using dedicated long-welded-rail trains.

The turnouts business will be presenting the iSwitch intelligent switch machine, which incorporates a wireless device to gather and report condition monitoring data. The PHS1601 point heating system incorporates a power regulator to reduce energy consumption and the related CO2 footprint. The group will also be showing the UniAC2 axle-counter system, which incorporates self-correcting algorithms to ensure maximum availability, and a powerful configuration tool which can communicate with various interlocking systems.

Focusing on skills development, Voestalpine will be presenting its WS Academy, a new professional training and educational centre focusing on all aspects of the ‘infrastructure system’. The Competence Centre Welding will be highlighting research into the optimisation of rail welding processes, as well as its training programme.