HIMA’s InnoTrans 2016 stand will feature commercial off-the-shelf HIMax and HIMatrix controllers.

MINA: The centre of attention at HIMA’s InnoTrans 2016 stand will be its commercial off-the-shelf HIMax and HIMatrix vibration and shock resistant controllers with CENELEC SIL 4 approval for use in safety-critical applications such as electronic interlockings, level crossings, sensor-monitored doors, electronically-controlled anti-slip systems, driver vigilance devices and remote controls.

Unlike proprietary technology, the COTS devices are manufactured and sold in large volumes as standard components.

‘COTS safety controllers are becoming the standard in the railway industry due to their deployment diversity and their distinctly lower capital costs and life-cycle costs compared to proprietary technology’, believes Sedat Sezgün, Head of Rail at HIMA.

‘System integrators, rail vehicle manufacturers and railway operators appreciate scalable and flexible systems that ensure future-proof solutions over many decades. That is why COTS controllers are being used more and more worldwide.’