INNOTRANS: Pfaff Verkehrstechnik will be demonstrating its expertise in the planning, installation and maintenance of turnkey jacking systems for rolling stock maintenance depots.

The German subsidiary of Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products has recently completed a major installation at the new Ashkelon depot where Israel Railways maintains its Siemens Mobility Desiro HC electric multiple-units. This fleet of 60 four- and six-car part-double-deck EMUs totalling 330 vehicles is used on routes around Tel Aviv, including the 56 km new line to Jerusalem, which was the country’s first electrified railway.

Pfaff Verkehrstechnik was awarded a contract in 2018 to equip the whole workshop at Ashkelon depot, which has three elevated tracks. The company supplied an axle changing system, multiple lifting tables, mobile lifting jacks, hydraulic support jacks, turntables and roof access platforms, as well as a 60 m long section of track equipped for measuring vertical wheel and wheelset forces.

The 24 mobile lifting jacks with a capacity of 15 tonnes each are used to lift complete trains, synchronised to an accuracy of ±2·5 mm. The 4 000 mm diameter turntables used to move bogies between different areas in the depot are rated for a 25 tonne axleloads, allowing trains to pass over them.

Deliveries began in 2020, with local subcontractors undertaking the installation due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions. Final testing, acceptance and training were completed earlier this year.