REMSA is to host a USA Pavilion at InnoTrans 2018.

INNOTRANS: The Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association will once again host a USA Pavilion at InnoTrans 2018, providing US exhibitors with a turnkey service designed to ‘drastically simplify’ the process of exhibiting at an international trade fair.

‘The exclusive USA Pavilion provides a tremendous opportunity for US-based railway supply companies and organisations to highlight their goods and services at one of the premier railway trade shows in the world’, said REMSA CEO & Executive Director, David Tennant on January 24. ‘In 2016, over 140 000 individuals from more than 140 countries participated in InnoTrans. This is an audience you do not want to miss.’

Half of the slots in the USA Pavilion have already been reserved, REMSA said. As well as booth space for each exhibitor, the USA Pavilion will house a common area with internet access, refreshments, seating and meeting space. Translators will also be present.

REMSA can also provide support and guidance on translation and shipping, as well as advice on airports, hotels and exhibition centre transfers.

‘REMSA and the USA Pavilion make exhibiting internationally easy’, said Tom Smith, Director, Business Development at Loram Maintenance of Way. ‘InnoTrans is a must-visit trade show for us and we are excited to once again participate in the USA Pavilion in 2018.’