INNOTRANS: Vollert will present its VLEX 40 road-rail shunting robot for the first time at InnoTrans 2022.

Deployed at Fret SNCF’s maintenance site in Modane, the compact machine is designed to move locomotives weighing up to 120 tonnes into the right locations for maintenance.


‘The harsh weather conditions in the French Alps are particularly challenging,’ comment Michael Spohn, Vollert’s project manager for sales. However, the VLEX is ideally equipped for this. It can be used in snow, rain, ice or severe minus temperatures.’

The shunting robot can manage the change between different ground surfaces, whether operating on uneven or unpaved floors: a swing axle guarantees continuous contact with the ground or rail for all four wheels. The vehicle is equipped with articulated steering and has four individually controlled wheel hub motors which make it extremely manoeuvrable.


In addition to VLEX, Vollert will be presenting a range of other battery-powered, zero-emission shunting vehicles, and will demonstrate its IIoT service module. This application allows shunting operations to be monitored remotely, with the vehicles’ current operating statuses, such as operating hours, temperatures and consumption data presented in a visual form.