INNOTRANS: Turkish wagon manufacturer Gökrail is targeting the EU market for future growth, as it expands its range of TSI compliant vehicles.

The company is currently producing a pair of prototype Sffggmrrss Megafret twin-section container wagons for testing and certification.

Project Executive Suat Sayim told Railway Gazette that one of Gökrail’s strengths is the ability to offer operators a complete package of services, from assessing their needs to designing, manufacturing and certifying wagons, and also supplying vehicles on an lease basis if required.

He said the company can also offer a more rapid delivery schedule than major EU manufacturers with full order books.

The company uses the lastest design optimisation techniques to minimise vehicle weight, which Sayim said contrasts with some companies which produce established designs which are tried and tested but not as optimised as is now possible.

Turkey’s adoption EU rolling stock standards has been helpful for the company, he said, as certified designs used by national operator TCDD can also be offered across Europe.