INNOTRANS: Czech manufacturer Wikov is using InnoTrans 2016 to display for the first time a prototype of its next-generation compact drive unit. Aimed at low-floor trams and electric multiple-units, the unit is the result of three years of development in co-operation with the University of West Bohemia's Regional Innovation Centre for Electrical Engineering.

Embedded in a single housing, the unit is around 20% smaller and lighter than conventional drive units, and fits longitudinally in the vehicle. It can be used to drive axles, individual wheels or wheelsets and has a maximum power output of 180 kW, with continuous power of 110 kW.

A high-speed permanent magnet motor is connected to a multi-stage gearbox. The motor is cooled passively, obviating the need for a fan or cooling liquid. A mechanical brake can also be integrated into the unit.