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  • Skoda RNV ForCity Smart 36T tram at InnoTrans 2022 (11)
    Metro Report International

    Tram designed to meet high specifications of three-city network


    INNOTRANS: Škoda has unveiled the prototype for the fleet of custom-designed ForCity Smart 36T trams ordered by Rhein-Neckar transport authority RNV for the metre-gauge network serving the three cities of Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg. The manufacturer said RNV required a high-specification vehicle ...

  • Skoda logo on office

    Škoda Group to rebrand to resolve confusion with car manufacturer


    CZECH REPUBLIC: An agreement designed to end ‘frequent confusion’ around the use of the Škoda name and logo has been signed by PPF Group, which owns the Plzeň-based Škoda Group engineering business including Škoda Transportation, and Mladá Boleslav-based car manufacturer Škoda Auto which is part of ...

  • Škoda Group has been awarded a contract to supply a further five ForCity Smart Artic X34 trams to Tampere.
    Metro Report International

    Tampere orders more trams


    FINLAND: Škoda Group has been awarded a contract to supply a further five ForCity Smart Artic X34 trams to Tampere. The €34m firm order announced on May 25 has been placed using an option on the original contract signed in 2017. This covered the supply of ...

  • Göteborg transport operator Västtrafik has awarded Škoda Group an €80m contract to overhaul 80 Type M31 trams.
    Metro Report International

    Göteborg tram modernisation contract awarded


    SWEDEN: Göteborg transport operator Västtrafik has awarded Škoda Group an €80m contract to overhaul 80 Type M31 trams. The work to be undertaken at Škoda Ekova’s Ostrava site in 2022-27 includes replacing the doors, installing a wheelchair ramp, renewing braking systems, fitting cab air-conditioning, an internal ...

  • ČD Pendolino trainset.

    Pendolino ETCS contract awarded


    CZECH REPUBLIC: National operator ČD has awarded a contract for its flagship fleet of seven Class 680 Pendolino trainsets to be equipped with ETCS, which will allow them to operate at up to 200 km/h on sections of the network. The contract worth KC413·9m was awarded ...

  • Škoda Transportation trainset for the Warszawa metro
    Metro Report International

    Warszawa metro train delivered


    POLAND: The first of 37 trainsets being built for the Warszawa metro by Škoda Transportation was delivered to the capital on April 25, ahead of dynamic testing and certification which is expected to be completed within three months. Part-funded by the EU, ...

  • ŽOS Trnava pre Škoda Transportation a České dráhy

    Cars ordered to lengthen RegioPanter EMUs


    CZECH REPUBLIC: Škoda Transportation and subcontractor ŽOS Trnava are to supply 11 RegioPanter 18Ev electric multiple-unit cars to lengthen some of the 29 EMUs which were ordered in December 2019 for use in the Jihomoravský region. Deliveries are expected to be completed by December this ...

  • ČD has announced ComfortJet as the brand name for its future Viaggio Comfort trainsets.

    ComfortJet brand for ČD Viaggio Comfort trainsets


    CZECH REPUBLIC: National operator ČD has announced ComfortJet as the brand name for its future Viaggio Comfort trainsets. The 20 nine-car 230 km/h push-pull trainsets are being built by a consortium of Siemens and Škoda Transportation under a KC12·5bn contract signed in April 2021, and are ...

  • Pasazieru Vilciens Skoda EMU (1)

    Latvian electric train unveiled


    LATVIA: ‘These trains are bringing to Latvia a new standard of quality’, said Rodžers Jānis Grigulis, CEO of national passenger operator Pasažier Vilciens, at the unveiling of the first of 32 four-car electric multiple-units ordered from Škoda Transportation. The EMU was unveiled at the factory in ...

  • CD Skoda Transportation RegioPanter EMU (5)

    RegioPanter EMUs arrive in southern Bohemia


    CZECH REPUBLIC: Škoda Transportation has delivered the first two of a batch of 10 Class 650 RegioPanter EMUs to national operator ČD. The two-car trainsets are due to replace rolling stock dating back to the early 1990s on regional routes across southern Bohemia. ...

  • ČD has awarded Škoda Transportation a KC5bn contract to supply a further 31 three-car RegioPanter EMUs.

    ČD orders more RegioPanter EMUs


    CZECH REPUBLIC: National operator ČD has awarded Škoda Transportation a KC5bn contract to supply a further 31 three-car RegioPanter electric multiple-units. They will be delivered from 2024 for use on the Praha–Kralupy nad Vltavou – Ústí nad Labem, Hradec Králové – Chlumec nad Cidlinou, Hradec Králové ...

  • Warszawa metro Skoda Transportation Varsovia trainset (2)
    Metro Report International

    Warszawa metro train unveiled


    POLAND: Škoda Transportation has unveiled the first of the trainsets it is producing for the Warszawa metro. Testing is to be undertaken the Czech manufacturer’s Plzeň plant, ahead of further trials at the Velim test centre and on the Praha metro network before delivery to Poland ...

  • Bratislava Skoda tram
    Metro Report International

    Bratislava orders trams


    SLOVAKIA: Bratislava transport operator DPB has awarded Škoda Transportation two contracts to supply 30 single-ended and 10 double-ended trams for its metre gauge network. The city already operates 30 bidirectional ForCity Smart Plus trams designated Type 30T supplied by Škoda in 2014-15 and 30 unidirectional variants ...

  • PV Skoda EMU impression

    Ricardo to support delivery of ‘iconic yet also practical’ Latvian EMU fleet


    LATVIA: National passenger operator Pasažieru Vilciens has awarded Ricardo a contract to support the delivery, commissioning and introduction of a fleet of 32 dual-system electric multiple-units it has ordered from Škoda Vagonka. The €1·8m contract signed on November 4 runs to the end of 2023 and ...

  • Ostrava tram
    Metro Report International

    Ostrava tram on test


    CZECH REPUBLIC: City transport operator DP Ostrava has begun dynamic testing of the first of 35 Škoda Transportation ForCity Smart 39T trams which are being supplied under a KC1·7bn contract. Formal handover is scheduled for early next year. The contract for the 35 trams was signed at ...

  • 20211008_Plzen_40T
    Metro Report International

    Plzeň confirms ForCity tram order


    CZECH REPUBLIC: Plzeň municipal transport operator PMDP has awarded Škoda Transportation a firm contract to supply a further 10 ForCity Smart X34 trams, designated Type 40T by the manufacturer. Valued at KC55m per vehicle, the order signed in October represents the first series build to be ...

  • TCDD Hyundai Rotem electric loco with Skoda Transportation equipment

    Tanzanian electric locomotive contract finalised


    TANZANIA: Hyundai Rotem has awarded Škoda Transportation a Kc580m contract to supply the electrical equipment for 17 passenger locomotives which Tanzania Railways Corp has ordered for use on the 546 km 25 kV 50 Hz electrified standard gauge line under construction between Dar es Salaam, Morogoro and Makutopora.

  • Tampere trams
    Metro Report International

    Tampere opens its tramway as an investment in cleaner everyday life


    FINLAND: Full commercial services on the first phase of the Tampereen Ratikka light rail line in Tampere began running on August 9, following celebratory events the previous day. The start of revenue operation follows a period of test running which saw pre-booked passengers able to ...

  • plzen_tram
    Metro Report International

    Plzeň tram delivered


    CZECH REPUBLIC: Škoda Transportation has delivered the first of two ForCity Smart X34 (40T) trams ordered by Plzeň operator PMDP, and test running is planned to get underway in August. In September 2018 Škoda Transportation was the sole bidder for a contract to supply trams ...

  • fi Helsinki Raide-Jokeri_01
    Metro Report International

    First tram for Raide-Jokeri line delivered


    FINLAND: The first Smart Artic X54 tram for the future Raide-Jokeri orbital light rail line linking Helsinki and Espoo was delivered by Škoda Transtech on April 9. The company is supplying 29 ForCity Smart Artic XL vehicles for the line under a €95·2m contract which ...