NIGERIA: CRRC Dalian has unveiled its first metro train for Lagos. The Type B set is based on the design for Tianjin metro Line 2, but with four cars rather than six.

Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority ordered 15 trainsets from CRRC Dalian in January 2015 for US$14·7m, with an option for 14 more. This replaced an earlier plan for second-hand Toronto metro cars to operate the city’s metro.

The steel-bodied trains have two motor and two trailer cars, giving them a maximum speed of 100 km/h, although the maximum service speed will be 80 km/h. They will draw power from a third-rail supply.

The trains are due to operate on the 27 km Blue Line, which will serve 13 stations from Okokomaiko to Marina. The trains will be stabled at a depot at the western terminus of Okokomaiko.