Duesseldorf tram

Illustrator and carnival float designer Jacques Tilly has created a tram livery inspired by Altbier, Düsseldorf’s local beer style. ‘Altbier is as much a part of Düsseldorf as the Rheinbahn, and after enjoying a delicious Altbier, our buses and trains take all guests home safely and comfortably’, said the operator’s CEO Klaus Klar.

GERMANY: The city of Düsseldorf and transport operator Rheinbahn have undertaken a study of 23 potential light rail expansion projects.

Seven of the proposals were rated as ‘very good’, including a 1 km two-stop extension of the Wehrhahn tunnel south to the university, the Benrath – Garath and Holthausen – Hassels extensions, and an extension of U79 by 700 m from Südpark to Universität West.

Nine projects were rated ‘good’, including elements of a northern and eastern orbital route.

Seven projects were rated medium; none of the projects considered received a poor score.

The results of the study will now be incorporated into the local transport plan.