GERMANY: Lord Mayor of Nürnberg Ulrich Maly inaugurated an extension of Nürnberg metro Line U3 at 12.00 on May 22, with a day of free travel offered on the entire line to mark the occasion.

The northwest extension from Friedrich-Ebert-Platz to Nordwestring via Klinikum Nord is 1·1 km long. Work on the underground extension began in June 2012 and cost €86m, with the federal government and Land of Bayern providing €66m and the city the remainder.

At the other end of the line, a 1·1 km extension is under construction from Gustav-Adolf-Straße to Großreuth bei Schweinau. A further 2·1 km extension from there to Gebersdorf via Kleinreuth bei Schweinau is also planned.