tr-Mersin metro 1

TURKEY: The southeastern coastal city of Mersin is poised to build its first metro line, announcing on October 9 that 13 companies had submitted bids in response to a call for tenders. The construction contract is expected to cover all of the major civil works as well as fit-out and part of the commissioning process.

The 13·4 km line linking Mezitli in the southwest with Üçocak to the northeast will serve 11 stations, including an interchange to the city’s main line station. The projected end-to-end journey time is 23 min.

The project was first approved in July 2018, before being substantially revised to reduce costs; initial proposals had envisaged a 20 km route.

The municipality is also planning an 8·9 km light rail line to augment the metro. This would link Eski bus station in the centre with the main long-distance coach hub to the north, while also serving the main Şehir Hastanesi hospital complex.