Urban transport news from China

  • Hangzhou metro Line 7 train
    Metro Report International

    Two metro extensions open in Hangzhou


    CHINA: Hangzhou Metro opened extensions of lines 7 and 9 on September 17. Line 7 has been extended under the River Qiantang from Olympic Sports Centre to Citizen Centre. Line 9 was extended 6 km north from Linping to Long’an, adding four stations. ...

  • Harbin metro Line 2 (1)
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    Harbin metro Line 2 opens


    CHINA: The 28·7 km first phase of Harbin metro Line 2 opened on September 19.

  • Foshan_01
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    Nanhai tram line opens in Foshan


    CHINA: A tramway in the Nanhai district of Foshan opened on August 18. The line runs 9·5 km from Sanshanxinchengbei to Leigang with 3·7 km underground and 5·6 km elevated. Leigang provides an interchange with the Guangfo interurban metro line between Guangzhou and Foshan. CRRC Sifang ...

  • Taizicheng tram exterior
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    Winter Olympics tram rolled out


    CHINA: CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive has rolled out the first of three light rail vehicles for a tramway which is being built at the Taizicheng winter sports resort which will host skiing events during 2022 Olympic Winter Games. The LRV is 27 m long ...

  • cn-zhengzhou-station-flood-train
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    12 confirmed dead in Zhengzhou metro flood


    CHINA: Officials in Zhengzhou have confirmed that 12 passengers died and another five were seriously injured after parts of the city’s metro network were flooded on July 20. In what has been described as a ‘once in 1 000 years event’, the Henan ...

  • Shaoxing metro (3)
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    Shaoxing opens first line of planned 208 km metro network


    CHINA: The first metro line in Shaoxing has opened, running 20·3 km from Guniangqiao and China Textile City. The project was originally known as known as the Hangzhou – Shaoxing Ineter-city railway, and is now branded as metro Line 1. ...

  • Xuzhou metro Line 3 opening
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    Xuzhou opens north-south metro line


    CHINA: Xuzhou metro’s 18·1 km north-south Line 3 opened on June 28, linking Xiadian and Gaoxinqunan with 16 underground stations. Services run every 7 to 8½ min, with an end-to-end journey time of 34 min. The infrastructure has been built for six-car trains, although ...

  • Suzhou_01
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    Automated metro opens in Suzhou


    CHINA: The fully automated Line 5 of the Suzhou Rail Transit network opened on June 29, running 44·1 km from Taihu Xiangshan to Yangchenghu Nan and serving 34 stations. Under construction since June 2016, the line is almost entirely underground, except for a 600 m ...

  • Changzhou_01
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    Changzhou’s second metro line inaugurated


    CHINA: The second metro line in Changzhou was opened for revenue service on June 28, running for 19·8 km from Qingfeng Park to Wuyilu via an interchange station Line 1 at Cultural Palace station. Construction of Line 2 began in February 2017, and the trainsets ...

  • Hangzhou Metro Line 8 officials
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    Hangzhou Line 8 includes 2·8 km under-river tunnel


    CHINA: Hangzhou metro Line 8 was opened for revenue service on June 28, serving the Qiantang New Area to the northeast of the city. The 17·2 km east-west route serves eight stations. It starts from an interchange with the airport branch of Line 1 at ...

  • The first route of a planned 98 km seven line tram network in Jiaxing was opened on June 25, operated using a fleet of trams fitted with supercapacitors for catenary-free operation
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    Supercapacitor tramway opens in Jiaxing


    CHINA: The first route of a planned 98 km seven line tram network in Jiaxing was opened on June 25, operated using a fleet of trams fitted with supercapacitors for catenary-free operation. Route T1 runs 10·6 km from Jiaxing Nan high ...

  • hk-tuen-ma-phase-2-opening-4
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    Hong Kong completes its longest metro line


    CHINA: Revenue services began operating on the Kai Tak – Hung Hom section of Hong Kong’s Tuen Ma Line through east Kowloon on June 27, completing the east-west corridor across the New Territories. The Tuen Ma Line is now the longest within Hong Kong, running ...

  • Xiamen_04
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    Xiamen metro line opens with 4 km undersea tunnel


    CHINA: Xiamen metro Line 3 opened on June 25, running 26·5 km from the city’s main railway station to Caicuo and including a 4 km undersea section. The route is entirely in tunnel except for the elevated terminus at Caicuo, and ...

  • Wuhu Monorail (Photo: CRRC Puzhen Bombardier Transportation Systems Ltd)
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    Wuhu monorail maintenance contract awarded


    CHINA: The CRRC Puzhen Bombardier Transportation Systems joint venture has been awarded a 27-year contract to maintain the guideways and trainsets for the monorail network which is under construction at Wuhu in Anhui province. Opening is planned by the end of this year. In 2017 ...

  • Shenzhen_line_20_01
    Metro Report International

    Shenzhen driverless metro train unveiled


    CHINA: CRRC Changchun has rolled out the first of the nine Type A trainsets for GoA4 unattended automatic operation on the future Shenzhen metro Line 20. Six of the eight aluminium-bodied cars in each trainset are powered, giving a maximum speed ...

  • Wenshan_01
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    Catenary-free Wenshan State Tram opens


    CHINA: A catenary-free tramway serving Qiubei county in the Wenshan Zhuang Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan province was opened on May 15. The Y shaped network totals 14 route-km. The 11·7 km main route designated as Line 4 starts from Puzhehei station on ...

  • Guiyang metro
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    Second metro line opens in Guiyang


    CHINA: The second metro line in Guiyang was opened for revenue service on April 28. The 40·6 km Line 2 runs from North Baiyun Road to the north of the city to Longdongbao International Airport to Zhongxing Road in the southeast, interchanging with the west-south ...

  • Luoyang has become the second city in Henan province with a metro, following the opening of the east–west Line 1.
    Metro Report International

    First metro line opens in Luoyang


    CHINA: Luoyang has become the second city in Henan province with a metro, following the opening of the east–west Line 1. The line was formally opened on March 28, with passenger services starting the following day. The line runs 25·3 km from Yangwan to ...

  • Shijiazhuang_03
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    Shijiazhuang metro Line 3 extension opens


    CHINA: A 14·9 km eastern extension of Shijiazhuang metro Line 3 opened on April 6, taking the line to 27 km with 22 stations and an end-to-end journey time of 47 min. Line 3 has been built by China Railway Construction Investment Development ...

  • Guangzhou Line 18 trainset
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    Guangzhou Metro trials high speed running on Line 18


    CHINA: Guangzhou Metro and CRRC Zhuzhou have been undertaking test running at speeds of up to 176 km/h on Line 18, which has been designed and built for 160 km/h operation. The 60∙4 km line from Xiancun to Wanqingsha is scheduled to open this year, ...