PORTUGAL: Metropolitano de Lisboa has awarded a €70m contract to a joint venture of Comsa Corporación and Zagope Construction & Engineering on April 13 to build Lot 4 of the connecting link between the capital’s Green (C) and Yellow (B) metro lines.

Lot 4 covers railway system works on the 1·9 km link which will connect Cais do Sodré on the Green Line with Rato on the Yellow. This will allow the two lines to be run as a circular route.

The contract covers the supply of railway equipment, trackwork, electrical equipment, signalling, telecommunications, ticketing equipment and construction of two ventilation shafts. Construction and fit-out of two intermediate stations at Estrela and Santos is also in the scope, as is a new concourse at Cais de Sodré.

Lots 1 and 2 of the orbital line programme were awarded in May 2020 to Zagope. These packages covered civil works on the Rato to Santos and Santos to Cais do Sodré sections of the future ring line. A third contract covered work to rebuild the elevated Campo Grande interchange station to allow through running on the northern section of the loop as well.


Metropolitano de Lisboa expects the connecting link to open next year. After completion, trains will run in a loop in both directions through Cais do Sodré and Campo Grande, before continuing off the circle to serve the two lines’ current termini of Odivelas and Telheiras.

The project has a total cost of €210m, of which €127m is being funded through the national government’s environmental budget and €83m is provided by the EU Cohesion Fund.