Transport for London staff assist blind passenger

UK: Transport for London has begun a public consultation to help it prioritise works to make London Underground stations more accessible. It is seeking feedback on whether to focus on upgrading a single, complex central London station, or divide the available resources between small and medium-sized stations outside the centre.

Respondents are also being asked whether they would prefer future funding to be used to improve clusters of stations to create a close group of accessible stations, to focus on areas with limited accessibility, or a combination of both.

TfL is seeking the views of anyone who would benefit from accessibility improvements, including older people, disabled people, parents, carers, people with long or short term medical conditions, and people travelling with bulky luggage or equipment for work. Borough councils will also be asked for their views.

TfL plans to publish its findings in spring 2022, incorporating feedback from the consultation as well as passenger data, transport modelling and engineering feasibility information.

‘Making independent, spontaneous travel easier for Londoners is one of TfL’s top priorities’, explained said Esther Sharples, TfL’s Director of Asset Performance & Capital Delivery. ‘By launching this important public consultation, we will hear directly from Londoners about how we could best make Tube stations more accessible through the provision of step-free access when more funding is available. This will enable us to prioritise delivering the most impactful changes to make London’s public transport more equitable and inclusive, should we receive funding from government.’