CHINA: The first phase of Nanjing metro Line 7 opened for revenue service on December 28, along with a northern extension of Line 1.

Running from Xianxinlu in the northeast to Mufuxilu in the city centre, the initial 12·6 km stage of Line 7 serves 10 stations, including interchanges with Line 1 at Xiaozhuang and Line 3 at Wutangguangchang.

Subsequent phases will see the route extended south through the city centre to Jianning, relieving the busiest sections of lines 1 and 2.


Under construction since March 14 2018, Line 7 has been designed for fully-automated operation to Grade of Automation 4. It is operated by a fleet of 53 six-car Type B trainsets supplied by CRRC Nanjing Puzhen, which are fitted with Alstom Optonix traction equipment. Test running began in October 2022. The trains are based at an elevated depot at Majiayuan, which is described as the first fully-automated metro depot in Nanjing.

The same day saw the opening of a 6·5 km northern extension of Line 1 from Maigaoqiao to Baguazhoudaqiaonan. This adds another five stations, including the interchange with Line 7 at Xiaozhuang. Including 5·8 km in tunnel and 700 m of elevated route, the extension takes Line 1 to a total length of 45·4 km with 32 stations.

Line 1 has been opened in stages since 2005, and the latest extension was authorised in 2015. Another nine trainsets have been procured to work the extension, bringing the fleet to 67 six-car trains. The Type A trainsets manufactured by CRRC Nanjing Puzhen are based on the Alstom Metropolis platform.

Opening of the latest extensions have increased the overall length of the Nanjing metro network to 449 km, with six urban and six suburban lines serving 189 stations.