GERMANY: The completion of the first of 238 Class 423 electric multiple-units which are to be refurbished for the München S-Bahn under an €300m programme was marked with a special run on July 9. Following two days of preview services, the unit is expected to re-enter regular service on July 12.

The four-car articulated EMUs have covered up to 3 million km each since entering service in 2000-05. The refurbishment programme is being undertaken by S-Bahn operator DB Regio with funding from the Land of Bayern, and is scheduled to run until 2020.

Reflecting capacity requirements on the S-Bahn core, the refurbishment reduces the number of seats with the aim of increasing standing capacity. Wider aisles are intended to encourage passengers to move away from the doors and distribute themselves along the train. There is an area with corner seats for families and other groups.

Space for luggage is being provided under the seats to avoid obstructing the aisles. The new lighting automatically adjusts to ambient conditions and ceiling-mounted passenger information systems are being fitted.