Tunis – La Goulette – La Marsa suburban railway

TUNISA: The acquisition of 18 light rail vehicles to replace ageing rolling stock on the 18 km Tunis – La Goulette – La Marsa 750 V DC overhead electric suburban railway is to be financed using a €45m loan agreed last month by the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development and operator Transtu.

Fleet renewal is intended to increase capacity, reliability and safety on the line and enable the operator to enhance the quality and frequency of the service. It is hoped that this will reduce car and minibus traffic on the corridor, contributing to reducing CO2 emissions by 8 037 tonnes/year.

EBRD is also supporting a programme to restructure Transtu to improve operational efficiency and financial performance.

The bank will also work with Transtu to enhance women’s access to urban transport services, focusing on safety, security and promoting gender equality across the workforce.