Guangzhou metro.

CHINA: China TransInfo Technology Corp has launched its TransPLE Passenger Flow Statistic, Detecting & Analysis System, which uses laser scanners and cameras to analyse pedestrian volume, speed and direction in busy stations.

The results can be used to optimise layouts for pedestrian flow, as well as supporting crowd control, emergency response and anti-terrorism activities. Tests at Fuxingmen station on the Beijing metro demonstrated that it could gather passenger flow statistics with an accuracy greater than 98%.

‘Interest within China for passenger flow monitoring services has substantially increased with major national events and the rapidly growing populations of major cities which are fuelling large investments in mass transit projects’, said Shudong Xia, CEO of China TransInfo. ‘Beijing is a logical launching place for the TransPLE, given its population exceeds 17·5 million and plans are underway to significantly expand the metro network over the next few years’.