FRANCE: More than 7 000 people attended an evening of dancing and music choreographed by Hamid El Kabouss to celebrate the inauguration of a 1·2 km extension of the Montpellier tram network on July 1. The extension adds three new stops and completes a ring of tram lines encircling the city centre.

The new section between Observatoire and Place Albert 1er has three stops at Saint-Guilhem - Couyrreau, Peyrou - Arc de Triomphe and Albert 1er – Cathédrale.

Services began on July 2, when Route 4 became a 9·2 km loop rather than a U-shaped route linking two separate city termini via the eastern suburbs. Route 4a runs clockwise at 8 min headways, with Route 4b running anti-clockwise.