Impression of Siemens Avenio tram for München (Image: Stadtwerke München/ergon3).

GERMANY: Siemens announced its first order to supply Avenio trams to Germany on September 28, an €29m contract awarded by München utility body SWM.

The 100% low-floor four-section trams will be 36·85 m long and 2300 mm wide, with eight doors and a capacity of 220 passengers. Top speed will be 70 km/h.

The trams are to be built in Wien, with the first six scheduled to enter service for the winter timetable at the end of 2013. The remaining two are expected to arrive by 2015, when an extension to Berg am Laim is due to open.

The Siemens trams will be designated Type T1 by city transport operator MVG, and are to operate in a common pool with the Bombardier/Siemens Type R3.3 and Stadler Variobahn Type S fleets.