gb London bus with coronavirus sticker

UK: City transport operators could face a 20% fall in ridership after Covid-19 travel restrictions are lifted, according to survey undertaken by Systra

Of respondents who are expecting to reduce their use of public transport, 49% will do so because of concerns over getting ill; 24% said they will work from home more; and 14% said they have found another way of making their journey.

‘A drop of 20% equates to 5 million fewer trips being made every single day, most of them in and out of our major towns and cities’, said Neill Birch, Director of Public Transport at Systra. ’Our research highlights the need for the public transport sector to think hard and plan ahead to be ready for when travel restrictions are lifted. Operators must reassure nervous passengers by communicating very clearly about their hygiene regimes, driver and passenger responsibilities. A national campaign may well be required.’