AN INTEGRATED network of regional train services is being developed to link the towns and cities around the Øresund following the opening of the fixed rail link between Denmark and Sweden next year. The link was physically completed with the installation of the final bridge segment on August 14 (RG 9.99 p569), and fitting out work is progressing apace ready for the formal opening on July 1 2000.

On September 1 representatives from SJ and DSB visited Västerås to inspect the first of 27 dual-system EMUs being supplied by Adtranz Sweden at a cost of Ecu150m. The contract requires 10 sets to be available for revenue service when the fixed link opens, and the remainder by the spring of 2001. Under the joint order, DSB will own 17 sets and SJ 10; there is an option for a further 18.

The three-car EMUs are derived from the units supplied by Adtranz for the Oslo - Gardermoen airport shuttle, but will have the Danish style Flexliner rubber ends for easy coupling and separation of portioned workings. They will be equipped to take power at 15 kV 162/3 Hz in Sweden and 25 kV 50Hz in Denmark. Each set will accommodate 244 seated passengers. Low-floor entrances and wide doorways will allow easy boarding with wheelchairs and bicycles. There will also be stowage areas for passengers’ luggage, as the trains will serve Kastrup international airport.

The units are designed to run at up to 180 km/h, with high acceleration to suit frequent stops. The target journey time between København and Malm