MOVING advertising images are to be projected onto the walls of London Underground stations, following the signing of a contract on April 6. Cross Track Projection (XTP) digital projection equipment will be installed in some central stations this autumn, and across the network within five years.

XTP makes it possible to show still pictures or full motion videos lasting up to 20 sec. The cycle of adverts repeats every 2 or 3 min, reflecting average passenger waiting times. Messages can be changed minute by minute to reach changing audiences, or in response to factors such as weather conditions. Similar equipment is operating successfully in Stockholm and at London City Airport.

The advertising is a spin-off from the Connect project, a Private Finance Initiative to provide integrated digital radio communications. The advertising data uses spare optic fibre cable capacity.

London Underground has four partners in the 12-year contract, estimated to be worth £500m. DHJ Media is supplying the projection hardware, TDI is the advertising contractor, Citylink Telecommunications holds the Underground telecoms infrastructure concession and Thales Translink is project manager.

  • By the end of April a total of 400 TV screens were due to have been installed in 63 stations on the Madrid Metro network (RG 10.00 p645), with 3000 in-car screens to be operational by the end of this year. The system is being developed by TV Trans, which through separate ventures is working on similar broadcasting projects in Barcelona and Valencia to equip 70 and seven stations respectively.