BOSNIA: Work began on July 2 to reinstate war-damaged overhead electrification on the Sarajevo - Doboj line, which forms part of Pan-European Corridor Vc from Budapest to Ploce. This will allow electric traction to be restored to the 205 km route by June 2 next year.

120 track-km of overhead wiring and four 110/25 kV feeder stations will need to be rebuilt. The Rajlovac control centre, which managed electric traction supply and train operations on the whole 533 km route from Ploce to Vrpolje, was totally destroyed, and will need to be replaced.

Four bidders responded to the international call which closed in January. The Sardob group, comprising Croatian companies Koncar-Ket, Dalekovod, Sefag and local contractor Step, was selected as preferred bidder, and the final contract was signed on May 28. Goran Jese, former Koncar-Ket representative in Bosnia & Herzegovina, has been appointed as project co-ordinator.