Poundfield Products believes its Betabric retaining wall design could reduce the cost of building such structures by as much as 50% on the UK network. Many earth retaining walls were built in the nineteenth century and their structural integrity is a growing cause for concern. Poundfield’s Betabric product allows a pre-cast brick fa?ade to be built into a concrete retaining wall. Brick retaining walls traditionally require either the construction of a large all-brick edifice or a concrete structure with a brick wall in front. Betabric does away with the footings and vertical steelwork that are inherent in both these options, requiring only concrete bases at six metre intervals. The standard Betabric unit is 1?8 m in height and 6 m long. It is designed to retain well-drained earth with a bulk density of 16?kN/m3 and an internal angle friction of 35?. Poundfield Products, UK