SPAIN: With the aim of placing the first four sets into service this October, RENFE has begun dynamic trials of the Class 121 EMU on the Mirando de Ebro - Irún route. The national operator is taking delivery of 29 Class 121s, similar to the Class 120 supplied by CAF and Alstom (RG 7.06 p373), but equipped with two transformers and four power blocks to offer enhanced redundancy.

Designed to operate medium-distance services on the high-speed and conventional networks, each four-car Class 121 offers a total of 280 seats (plus two wheelchair spaces), all in Tourist class. Riding on CAF Brava bogies able to change gauge at speeds up to 30 km/h, the Class 121 is rated at 4 000 kW under 25 kV AC catenary and 2 700 kW under 3 kV DC.

Maximum speed is 220 km/h on the conventional network and 250 km/h on high speed lines. The Class 121 is equipped for ETCS Level 1 and 2 signalling, as well as LZB and the ASFA automatic train protection system.

  • ADIF is providing its Talgo XXI test train for a series of demonstration runs that the manufacturer will be undertaking on the 256 km Cagliari - Sassari route in Sardinia. Patentes Talgo will supply technicians to assist the ADIF drivers.